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Solar Street Design and Thoughts

Author: Time:2016-08-03
Solar (Solar Energy), generally refers to the radiant energy of sunlight , generally used in modern power generation, is the most direct and the most popular on the planet is the cleanest source of energy. Solar energy as a huge amount of renewable energy, radiation daily reach the Earth's surface is approximately equal to 2.5 millions of barrels of oil , it can be said to be inexhaustible . A passive use of solar energy utilization ( photothermal conversion ) and the photoelectric conversion in two ways. Solar power an emerging renewable energy. Broadly solar energy on earth many sources , such as wind energy, chemical energy , potential energy of water and so on.

Solar street Ether sun as an energy source , when there is sunlight solar panel to charge the battery , the night inside the battery to power the light source used , without complex and expensive pipeline laying, the layout can be adjusted lighting , security, energy saving, environmental protection, without manual stable and reliable operation , saving electricity maintenance .

1, solar street light system introduced

1.1 system basically consists Introduction

Solar street light system consists of solar panels ( single chip or multi-chip ) , solar lights intelligent charge controller ( including road lighting control and time control ) , solar street light control box, low pressure sodium lamp rectifier, low pressure sodium lamps, batteries , and a few poles parts ; solar panel light efficiency of 127Wp/m2, efficient, wind-resistant design of the system is very favorable .

Battery box with stainless steel or galvanized iron spray as a material, beautiful and durable ; control box placed free lead-acid batteries and charge controllers . Under normal circumstances the solar street lighting system used VRLA batteries, due to their low maintenance , it is also known as the " maintenance-free batteries " will help reduce the cost of system maintenance ; charge and discharge controller is designed to take into account the function complete ( with light control , time control , overcharge protection , over-discharge protection and reverse polarity protection , etc. ) and cost control to achieve a very high price .

1.2 Principle Introduction

Solar street light system works is simple, solar street lights manufacturer use of photovoltaic solar cells made ​​of the principle effects of daytime solar panels receive solar radiation into electrical energy output , after a charge controller is stored in batteries at night when the illumination is gradually reduced to 10lux about solar panels open circuit voltage of about 4.5V , charge and discharge controller detects the voltage value action, the battery discharge lamp . Typically , the battery discharge time can set their own , you can also light control, charge and discharge controller's main role is to protect the battery , and the lights switch control.

2, the system design

According to the manufacturers think solar lights , solar lights solar lighting design as compared with the general , the basic principle is the same , but more needs to be considered part . The following will be Jiangsu Cheng Xu Electric Group 's solar lights as an example , in several aspects for analysis.

2.1 solar lights solar modules Selection

Design requirements: Shenzhen , load input voltage 24V power 34.5W, daily working time is 8 hours , to ensure continuous rainy days 6 days . Lamps designed to 26W, 3600LM.

⑴ Shenzhen area nearly two decades the average annual amount of radiation 107.7Kcal/cm2, by a simple calculation Shenzhen peak sunshine hours is about 3.424h;

Selected peak output power 110Wp, a single block 55Wp standard battery pack 2 , you should be able to ensure that street lighting system in most cases a year in normal operation.

2.2 Selection of battery solar lights

Solar lights manufacturers in this case the choice of two 12V100AH ​​battery to meet the requirements.

2.3 solar lights solar module bracket

2.3.1 Design of solar lights dip

Solar lights manufacturers in order to make solar modules in the year received solar radiation as much as possible , we want to choose the best solar modules inclination .

About solar lights solar modules best angle issues discussed in recent years in a number of academic journals to appear in a lot. The lights use areas in Shenzhen , according to the design reference data in the literature [ 1 ] , the selected solar module bracket inclination 16o.

2.3.2 Wind Design

Solar street light system, solar street light manufacturers need to attach great importance to the problem is wind-resistant design . Wind design is divided into two blocks, one for the battery pack bracket resistant design , two of the poles of the wind-resistant design .

2.4 solar street light controller

All known solar controller solar charge controller , solar power system is used to control multi- square solar cells to charge the battery and the battery to the solar inverter supplying the load automatic control equipment.