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Smart LED solar street lighting system design

Author: Time:2013-11-02
Solar energy is the most direct and the most popular on the planet is the most clean energy , solar energy as a huge amount of renewable energy. With the increasing scarcity of traditional energy sources , solar energy applications will be more widely used, especially in the field of solar power in just a few years time, has developed into a mature sunrise industry.

Currently, the total lighting road lighting electricity consumption 25% to 30 %, so the road lighting energy has great potential and space. Currently the most used road lighting is high-pressure sodium lamps , there is such a light color , poor start for a long time , high power consumption , heat and other shortcomings, the need to develop new, more energy-efficient road lighting.

High-power high- efficiency LED light at home and abroad in recent years, the rapid development of new light up , it has a high luminous efficiency (≥ 90 lmPW (1W LED)), long life (30000 ~ 50000h), shock-resistant not easy to damage , instant start , no pollution and so on. White LED general lighting and road lighting is the ideal source. Solar lights has many advantages: safe, reliable, easy maintenance ; no conventional energy , no pollution ; may need to install anywhere , not connected to the public grid. Therefore , the development of energy-efficient LED lights has an important significance. In this paper, original solar street lighting system based on the proposed and developed a new type of intelligent LED solar street light system .

Solar street lighting system consists of the following components: solar panels , the boost circuit module , controller module , Zigbee communication module , battery , LED light source .

The basic principle of the system : under the control of the solar controller , solar panels during the day and after two booster circuit (12V to 42V) to the battery pack , battery pack provides power at night to the LED lamp load . In the control module , the realization of the boost circuit , battery voltage, temperature , LED lights set temperature, battery voltage, real-time control panels and data collection through an analog switch back to the PIC to achieve intelligent control system on the street . The Zigbee module for the street lighting system networking provides a reliable technical support.