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Several LED energy-saving lamps and market prospects

Author: Time:2013-11-02
LED energy saving lamp types

First class: low power led by a straw hat made ​​of LED lamps , power supply with RC Buck circuit . Continue to use straw hat type LED indicator LED package form , epoxy resin, making the LED chip can not shed the heat , the light fades serious , a lot of white LED, in use for some time, the color temperature is high , and gradually into a bluish , become dim . Manufacturers are also committed to developing low-light failure straw hat type LED, but because there is no change package , light still did not change much . LED energy-saving lighting products such as transitional products , low prices, poor quality.

The second category ( 5050 ) : From 3528 or 5050 made ​​the power LED LED energy-saving lamps , power is also commonly used RC Buck circuit , there are some manufacturers to adopt constant current circuit, compared to the straw hat LED, stickers piece LED heat slightly better , with the thermal substrate, with the aluminum plate, part of the heat can export . However, due to the heat of the LED or neglect , many medium-power SMD LED energy saving lamp , there is no radiator, still use plastic shell , the light fades still serious. Using low- power RC Buck , due to grid voltage instability, current fluctuations, brightness fluctuations, the price is moderate.

The third category: made ​​by a high-power SMD LED LED energy-saving lamps, commonly used constant current power supply isolation circuit , which has a constant current, as of 5W LED, usually 5 1 watt LED chips in series , using 300mA constant current source power supply, wide voltage power supply , so power fluctuations , the current does not change , ie, the brightness remains constant flux , 5 SMD LED soldered on top of the aluminum plate , aluminum plate and then integrated heat sink , use the heat timely quickly dispersed, ensure LED LED chip temperature below allowable junction temperature , thus ensuring real and effective energy-saving LED lamp life. Such high price of LED lights , good quality , but also the development direction of LED energy-saving lamps .

LED energy-saving lamps are smaller , high luminous efficiency , long life, low power consumption, ease of use , the majority of consumers. So far , LED energy saving lamp has entered every household, but the LED lighting market is not very mature at this stage , the various manufacturers of different standards, different national standard LED lighting has not been introduced , which restricts the LED lighting market the healthy development.

Market analysis

Currently, the semiconductor lighting industry to form the United States, Asia, Europe, the three regions of the three pillars of the industry as the leading distribution and competition , American Cree, Lumileds, Japan's Nichia (Nichia), Toyoda Gosei (Toyoda Gosei), Germany, Osram and other high-end monopoly product markets. Five enterprises in product and market distinctive , Nichia and Toyoda Gosei in the LED development occupies an important position , have formed a complete industrial chain of LED , which Nichia in 1994 produced the first blue chip and patented technology has a monopoly advantage ; Cree, GelCore mature technology , etc. have their own system , but in the industrial chain extension and only focus on the preparation of the chip ; Lumileds power LED is focused on research and development, the field strength in the white light strong . New entrants to the industry's production capacity, technical capability and LED veteran will keep pace. As Taiwan is already outside the United States and Europe , the main origin of the white LED , blue LED chip is an important quantity of origin. For example, some Taiwanese companies in the high- brightness blue LED chips have been developed 1700mcd, while 1400mcd also reached the shipping stage . Therefore, output capacity and quality of product technology, has not inferior to conventional LED manufacturers.