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Prospects for the development of low-carbon era of LED lighting

Author: Time:2013-11-02
As the international financial crisis , climate, environment and other issues growing countries in the world are seeking new ways to green energy . After two sessions held , the government of the " new energy " and " low-carbon economy ," the new concept to be a high priority . However, the new energy in a relatively short period of time to alternative fuel energy sources there are certain difficulties , it should be improved by improving the technology and products to vigorously promote low carbon economy.

1 , the necessity of the implementation of low-carbon economy

Low-carbon economy is to improve energy efficiency and create clean energy structure and reduce carbon emissions , which is a low energy consumption, low emission , low pollution -based economic models and economic development .

China is a big country energy consumption , of which more than 70% of electricity through coal-fired power generation, the world's total greenhouse gas emissions more than 40% of total emissions , therefore , the most in the energy transformation should change, the most promising is the electricity, at present, China's lighting energy consumption accounts for about 10% of total electricity production to 20 %, of which urban public lighting electricity consumption in lighting accounts for 30%. According to statistics , China's annual consumption in street lighting more than 100 billion yuan in electricity , the power consumption is very alarming. Lighting energy saving has caused many of the lighting technology sector research institutions and enterprises attach great importance . Therefore, from energy-efficient lighting to undertake studies , to a large extent the concept of low-carbon economy , including LED lighting field is determined future trends .

2, LED energy-saving lighting prospects

LED is the sudden emergence of a new electric light industrial revolution in light of the third generation , is the 21st century, new high-tech electric light industry . In the concept of energy saving and low-carbon economy , driven , LED products with its high efficiency , energy-saving , environmentally friendly features to win a broad market . In China 's economy is facing a variety of energy pressure, to achieve a low-carbon economy, the government has begun to implement energy-saving lighting plans, and to promote and popularize the use of energy-saving light , some units have already begun to limit the use of incandescent light bulbs . Incandescent bulb is disabled and replaced with energy-saving lamps light , cold cathode tube, LED and so on. If taking into account the restrictions on hazardous substances , the LED lighting will be the best choice.

3, LED characteristics

LED lighting has the following characteristics :

(1) LED is environmentally friendly best light. LED 's glare, no extra spectrum ultraviolet and infrared, no mercury and other harmful substances in the transportation, installation and use will not be broken, and recyclable, non-polluting. On the other hand , LED energy consumption in the manufacturing process is very small, in the course of the power consumption is very low, which can indirectly reduce greenhouse gas emissions fuel power plants , reducing the pollution of bad environment , a strong interpretation of the the concept of low-carbon products .
(2) LED is solid cold light , very durable, long life. LED chrysalis epoxy resin are used , because of their special structure, with resistance to mechanical strength, seismic, impact resistance and other characteristics, is the longevity of the electric light . It is estimated that the life of single LED usually up to 50000 ~ 100000h, thus avoiding frequent replacement lamps resource consumption .
( 3 ) color is good, colorful and rich , clear and soft lighting , the use of computer control is very convenient. Its fast response, support stepless dimming the lights , which can differ depending on the specific environment settings intensity light , but also timely road or public place lighting control switch , which greatly reduces the lamp power consumption.
( 4 ) high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption . Lighting-class white LED luminous efficiency reached 40 ~ 50lm / W, as technology continues to improve in the near future , we can achieve about 80lm / W, and fluorescent fairly even expected to reach or even surpass the level of high-pressure sodium lamps ; LED functionality consumption is very small , compared with the same luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps , can save 80%.
(5) LED in the DC low voltage work, not only can be battery -powered , may also have an AC mains supply . Its drive circuit is relatively simple, suitable for solar power, thus nicely with national advocacy and development of new energy technologies together.

4, LED Recent development in China

LED is the next generation of light . China's LED products has not started late , and now has formed a certain scale. LED technology and industrial development of the strategic goal is that by 2020 LED luminous efficiency of 180lm / W or more, covering 30% of the general lighting market , the annual saving of 200 billion kWh. Table 1 shows China's LED lighting industry development goals , and LED and incandescent, fluorescent parameters contrast. As can be seen from Table 1 , the next few years, the development trend of LED is still very optimistic , and compared with the traditional lighting , it is in the field of professional lighting energy saving effect is remarkable . The LED chip industry, there is a similar microprocessor industry "Moore's Law " --- Haitz law, that every 10 years, LED chip prices will be 10 years ago, 1/10, performance is increased by 20 times . LED light source LED chip is the main cost input, so its future prospects still relatively optimistic. China Lighting · LED lighting network technical papers

5, LED applications in various fields

LED road lighting development but its public facilities construction is an important aspect , it is widely penetrated into all need light sphere. LED in LCD backlighting application is its fastest growing, most potential market, and are gradually replacing the traditional lights at traffic lights, landscape lights, car light source position. With the LED to improve all aspects of performance , and its proportion of applications in various areas will continue to increase in this trend , LED for energy conservation, low-carbon economy will greatly enhance the contribution of , and reflected in the life of the individual aspects .

6 Conclusion

Although the LED outlook is very optimistic , but there are several bottlenecks in the development , of which the most important is its thermal performance is not good, the higher upfront costs . Although domestic yet no clear LED standards, but should seize international opportunities to invest heavily in the development of history , insisted that the government guidance, technology and innovation as the core, through the integration of resources worldwide , genuine emerging technology-driven development of LED industry to promote a low carbon economy in full swing.